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Hello Everyone - hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine



Welcome to my latest newsletter which is all about well-being and wellness this month but first I would like to tell you about my recent trip.


I have just returned from Hungary, well Budapest to be precise. I’d never been before, and was keen to see something of the city. I was attending a conference, so we didn’t get much free time, but what I saw of the city I really liked. My journey started at Gatwick meeting up with fellow ITE members for the early flight to Budapest. We arrived about lunch time and were transferred to our home for the night on the beautiful river boat AMACerto. That night we took a cruise down the Danube to see the city lit up along the river - this I think, was the highlight for me. Next day we moved to the Intercontinental on the banks of the Danube : here is the view from my window!!!




On Friday evening we were transported by tram to the Great Market Hall where dozens of table had been laid out for a dinner prepared for us by Gundel, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Budapest That was a great night. But on Saturday was even better as we walked the short distance to Vigado, one of Budapest‘s finest concert halls, for our gala dinner.

Truly a fantastic trip, and I shall certainly be going back to see more of this lovely city.


I have just set up a new group on face book for people interested in well-being holidays such as spa breaks, or yoga breaks etc. I have been interested in this for a while and these types of holidays are really coming to the fore now, with some of my suppliers starting to offer well-being holidays all over the world. What is well-being??? Well for me it means relaxation, or activities which take you out of your usual routine, restoring your mind and body. It is so important to take a break from our busy schedules and do something we enjoy, be that walking, yoga, keeping fit or whatever. Even if it is just an afternoon at a spa, but of course a longer holiday would be more beneficial. Many operators are now offering immersive experiences in their itineraries, where you can stay in a Casa Particular in Cuba, or with a family in Kerala. What about a cookery lesson, or a painting holiday. Do you like walking?? Or cycling ?? You can do both - how about a cycle tour from Vienna to Budapest?? Your luggage will be transported for you, so you can enjoy the cycle ride.


If you have a particular interest you would like to incorporate into your holiday, why not get in touch and let’s see if it can be done.


That’s it for this month, thanks for taking the time to read … don’t forget to visit my website Or my FB page at

I have three groups on face book :- Awesome holiday offers, tips and advice ;

Awesome wellness holidays and Genie Travel ITE Honeymoons


See you next month!!!

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