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June 22 Newsletter

 Hello everyone.Is it June already?. It's really scary how fast this year is going.!!! Genie Travel has been busy at some events during May. Had our first meeting at our new HO in Woking on 13th May, then my colleague and I were in Guildford on 16th May, to see the venue for a wedding fayre on 23rd. Then up to Guildford again on 23rd for the fayre. Next month I only have one event which is the Summer Fayre at Heene Road community Centre on 11th June - do pop by if you are in the area. I am just promoting family holidays that day, rather than weddings/honeymoons or wellbeing holidays. But family holidays are a form of wellbeing holidays aren't they??Need to get some events booked in for later in the year. It'll soon be Christmas !!!! I have been trying to find some offers which are slightly different for my FB page, and some of these will be going on my website as soon as I sort through them and get them on there. I hope you see the offers on my page, if not, let me know!! Below are a few that I have posted over the last few days. It seems the whole country is engrossed with the Jubilee Celebrations, so if you have something planned where you are, I hope you have a great time!!No more news from me for now, so have a great Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. 

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