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July 2021 Newsletter

Hello everyone
So our long awaited ‘freedom’ on 21st June didn’t materialise, yet politicians and footballers are apparently free to come to the UK without quarantining, and if the photos we have seen are to be believed, not following social distancing either. It looks like everything is on course  for July 19th.
You may have seen in the press about the Travel Day of action which took place on Wednesday 23rd in London and around the country. I am not one for protesting, but  this event just could not be ignored. Now I am not good in crowds (one reason I avoid crowded places wherever possible) I hate going on the underground, and once let 3 trains go before I had the courage to get into one!! However, as our attendees were limited (!) I was less nervous travelling up to London. There was hardly anyone on the train, and as it was a nice day, my colleague and I walked down from Victoria to Parliament Square. There was already a good crowd gathered when we got there for our appointed time. It was great to see representatives from all aspects of the travel industry; Travel agents, airline pilots, airline cabin crew, tour operators, tourist boards, and tourist attractions.  We have all been affected. It was great to see some of my colleagues and I hope our voices were heard, there seemed to be a lot of press there, but then we know they don’t always publish what they see. But whether our politicians took any notice remains to be seen. .
Anyway, next day we got a revised green list with a few extra countries on it(some of those already on it still have not opened their borders) but they suddenly started changing entry requirements, which will not make it easy especially if you have not had the jab.  So it is not going to be an easy summer for sales, and those on the green list may yet be moved to amber. While it is not forbidden to travel to an amber listed country, and you still have to have the tests whether you are vaccinated or not. For those who are vaccinated the need to quarantine is waived, but other will still have to do this for 10 day Below I have attached the latest list – although not a complete list of countries, it does show the most popular.
Just wanted to reassure you all that I am not planning to give up with my travel business just yet.
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Next month I hope to have better news, though I do feel summer is still going to be tricky. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for 2022. Thanks for reading!!