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January News Letter

Happy New year to one and all


Hope you had a fab Christmas and New year. I promised in my last newsletter that my website would be launched soon. Well, it is now live, so why not go and take a look.

Also in my last newsletter I talked about starting some coffee mornings so that I can meet new and regular customers. The first one is on 30th January at the Brunswick and Thorn Bistro in Worthing.

My referral scheme will be launching in February so more about that in my next newsletter.


January is traditionally a very busy month travel wise, with loads of people booking their summer holidays.

So where is popular to go to this year.??. According to ABTA, Bulgaria is one of the 12 destinations to watch in 2019. I went to Bulgaria some years ago now. My Mum and I did a twin centre with a week in the mountains, and a week on the Black Sea. We stayed in a resort called Drouzhba, which has since been renamed as St Konstantin, on the Black Coast and at a well known ski resort in the mountains called Borovets. I bet it has changed over the years. Incidentally, Plovdiv is the European capital of culture for 2019 so it’s a good time to visit the country which is popular both in the summer and in the winter – here is a little photo I took of the amphitheatre in Plovdiv.

Also on the list is Japan mainly due to the Rugby World cup being held here later this year. I would love to return to Japan having been there a few years ago now, with my niece. We only went to Tokyo, but it was a great few days and despite all reports telling us how expensive it was, we came back with money. Tokyo is a fascinating city, where you have the modern, and traditional side by side. We went to the zoo (we were planning to go to Mt Fuji) and got waylaid watching the macaque monkeys, and we went to Disneyland Tokyo. We visited the Buddha at Kamakura and Tokyo tower. Shopping is great there as the shops stay open late, so you can have breakfast, go sightseeing, have your dinner and then go shopping!!We were only at out hotel to have breakfast and sleep. But there is a lot more to Japan than Tokyo, and one of the best ways to see as much as possible, if you have limited time is to join an escorted tour.

Madeira, Costa Rica, Denver Colorado, Durban, Galicia, Jordan, Poland, Thessaloniki, Uzbekistan and Western Australia are all on the list too. Will keep an eye out for these. One Place I would add to this list would be the Pantanal. For those of you not familiar with the Pantanal, it is a huge area in northern Brazil, and I first heard about it when I read The Testament by John Grisham.

There are so many places to go, what’s on your list?.

I was going to pop some offers in here but I am getting so many coming through I couldn’t decide. So I will leave it here, thank you for reading. Feel free to visit my Facebook page I also have two groups ‘Awesome Holiday offers, tips and advice’ and ‘Genie Travel ITE Honeymoons’ just for those who are engaged, planning to getting engaged and planning their wedding/honeymoon

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