Mount Fuji in the Fall

November 2021 Newsletter

Happy November – how on earth did we get here so fast?
Just when you think it is safe to start travelling again, the rules start changing.. Do be careful when travelling to make sure you check the entry requirements, and the protocols in place before you travel. More countries in Europe are imposing lockdowns, so do make sure you know what their protocols are if intending to travel.
As you know I love booking honeymoons, and have attended a few wedding fayres over the last few years, but last Sunday I attended my first virtual wedding fayre. The worst part was making the video to promote my business, I hate being on camera, and have steadfastly avoided anything to do with video. But needs must, so I stepped out of my comfort zone to make my little 5 minute video, to showcase the honeymoons and weddings abroad that I can provide. I hope they liked it.

I have some great offers coming in for Christmas and New year breaks in the UK, so do have a look at my facebook page where you will find some of them. I will be posting more on there over the next few weeks so if you haven’t already liked my FB page, do so now, so you won’t miss out on any of the deals.
Do you have plans for 2022?? Or beyond. Some of my suppliers are taking bookings for 2023 as well, so if you want to get in early – don’t forget most of the time you can book with just a deposit.

Another thing that popped up during the month was regarding extra months added to the length of validity for some passports. When we were in the EU, if you renewed your passport early, the extra months would be added to the length of validity. Now we have left this doesn’t apply, so do be careful. Your passport will expire exactly 12 months after the date of issue, so do make sure that if yours is close to renewal, check now and renew in good time. I believe passport processing times at the moment can be anything up to 10 weeks, so best get it done sooner than later.

 Are there are travel related topics you would like me to raise?? Do let me know and I will see what I can do.

Is it time to start the Christmas shopping?. I have to admit I usually leave it until the last minute, but have vowed this year to start in good time. If you are stuck for a present, don’t forget that Genie Travel can do travel gift vouchers – these can be for any value you like, starting from £25 and are valid for 1 year from date of issue. But have a look at my wonderful UK break offers as these are great value, as along with great rates, the offers usually include a little extra!!
Bye for now

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