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May 22 Newsletter

Hello everyone.
How can we possibly be coming into May already. Isn’t the time going quickly??
I hope you had a good Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate?? Are you looking forward to the bank holidays?? Seems strange not having the late May bank holiday on Monday 30th, but over the following weekend so we can celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. Are you having a street party??
So what’s been happening in the travel world this month?? Well more and more countries are relaxing their entry requirements so do check before hand if you are planning any holidays. One important topic to mention, especially if you are travelling to Europe. Since the UK left the EU, any additional months added to the length of your passport are no longer counted as valid, so do check your passports. Most European countries require 3 months validity from the date you leave their shores, so if you have got extra months on yours best renew now because they won’t count.
For example. If you renewed your passport early on 2/7/2012, but it didn’t expire till 2/10/2012, 3 additional months would have been added showing expiry as 2/10/2022. But the EU countries ( and others in Europe) won’t recognise these extra months and will count the validity date from the date of issue, so the passport would expire 2/7/2022. If you are planning a holiday in Europe this summer check your passports, and if needed apply for a new one. Be aware there can be a long wait (the passport office have advised up to 10 weeks!!) so do it sooner than later otherwise you may find you cannot enter the country you are going to. Check out the Government website.
For any queries please contact the passport office on 0300 222 0000 use the website.
Passport Website -
I have had lots of lovely offers coming through my FB pages recently, some even for 2023 and 2024, so why not get in early to secure your holiday? Do take a look and share with your family and friends who may be in search of a holiday.

Genie Travel has been out and about recently attending my first actual wedding fayre in 2 years at Findon Manor last weekend. I always love going to that venue. On May 13th I will be ‘out of office’ as I am going up to ITE HO in Woking for the day which means leaving early. Later on in May, my colleague and I are attending a wedding fayre in Guildford, again an early start for me to get there for 10am to allow time to set up etc.

Then on 11th June, I am attending the summer fayre at Heene Community Centre, and a MBS fayre in Southwick (first time for me at this venue) on 2nd July. So I will be a busy bee this summer. Hopefully also booking lots of holidays!!

Even if you are not planning a trip this year, I would be very grateful if you could pass on my details if you know someone who is looking to travel. Below are a few UK offers to try and tempt you.

Have a great May Bank Holiday!!

till next time


If you haven’t already done so please do like my FB page (, and subscribe to my Youtube channel Genie Travel, Independent Travel Experts where you will find videos of lovely places to visit. I have more to add as well.

I have four private FB groups, Genie Travel Awesome Holidays, Offers, tips and advice; Genie Travel Awesome Solo holidays ;Genie Travel Awesome wellbeing holidays. And Genie’s awesome Honeymoons and weddings abroad. Why not take a look?? Feel free to pass on my details to anyone you may know that are looking for a holiday. I would be happy to help.
Til Next time.

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